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Dollars + Sense : Creative Producer & #CoolAssBlackWoman Founder Ashley Glaspie

We start our brand new interview series “Dollars & Sense” with creative producer & business owner Ashley Glaspie. This series is to highlight and interview different professionals about generational wealth, financial knowledge and more to ultimately showcase that making dollars, make sense!

Ashley has carved her space this year with the success of #CoolAssBlackWoman. The #CoolAssBlackWoman platform is a safe space for black women to become vulnerable, find ways in seeing life from a different perspective, and offering moments for women to connect and support one another.


You have multiple businesses, why is having multiple streams of income important to you?

Having multiple streams of income is important to me because the world around us is changing at the blink of an eye. Gentrification is happening in front of us, (when I say US I mean Black People), if we want to save "Grandma's house" we have to be able to beat the odds and become economically invested. With the way our government is headed, our country maybe headed into a recession in 2020 and most people rely on the government in so many ways (Government Works, Government Assistances, Tariffs, just to name a few). Not to mention, it is important to save money for future kids, grand kids & family.

We all grow up different, so from where or from who did you acquire your financial knowledge?

So I acquired financial knowledge from multiple places. When I started listening is another story.

I worked at Enterprise Rental Car for four months before I moved to New York City in 2015. While working at Enterprise, my store location was in Rolling Hills, Ca, we services: Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills and a portion of San Pedro. At that point, I was away from the Inglewood/Los Angeles area and I took a chance on understanding the NETWORTH in my neighborhood and job. So I started talking to the customers, learning how to save, the idea of credit cards and what they are used for, investing in self and driving the fancy cars IS NOT IMPORTANT.

From there, I was able to exercise my financial knowledge in New York City. Doing things that made sense, cleaning up my credit, using credit cards to help raise my credit score (spending a few dollar no more than $200 credit card and pay it off each month), and saving money.

I have to definitely give credit to the people in my life who taught me financial knowledge earlier in my life.. My father, my brother and some super close friends.


What is your current saving strategy or practice?

Saving Strategy: SACRIFICE.

Practice: BEAST MODE

STOP SHOPPING... Started cooking dinner, enjoying my home/entertaining myself in the home, personal grooming is cut to a minimum (Pedicure, no Manicure, Eyebrows arched and no eyelashes), I am very strategic about where I drive and when I do go out. I give myself one outing a month.. LOL . I can't tell you all my strategies Ha! These are some major ways that I have helped me cut cost.

What is generational wealth to you?

Making money for my kids, family and their kids and grand kids.

Generational wealth is creating a world changing legacy that changes the way people in this generation sees making the next dollar. Having more entrepreneurs, using our own money to invest in stocks or trade... HELL even property.


If you received $5 million right now, what is your first purchase?

A pair of shoes. Funny but true! That's the first thing that comes to mind.. Then I will, send everyone who has supported me in UNBELIEVABLE WAYS (at least 7 people, this does not include family) a check of $5,000.

You know our brand is all about having multiple streams of income. How many streams of income do you currently have?

I have 4 streams of income.

  • Television Production Management - Freelancing

  • A. Glaspie Productions, LLC - Producing Festivals, Concerts Conventions & Tours

  • The Sub-division of AGP - The #CoolAssBlackWoman Brand

  • Book Keeping for a Security Company in NYC

What has been your best/smartest purchase this year?

The #CoolAssBlackWoman Trademark.


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting their financial freedom journey?

SACRIFICE... It's going to be hard but the "Turn Up" will always be there... Time waits for no man, so neither should you!

We are in the technology age, What are your top 3 apps currently that helps with your business?

The Bible (You Version): I frequent the bible during the day because as an entrepreneur, I know where my source of strength comes from & I can not navigate through my day without reading and understanding the daily word.

Apple Music (Yes Apple Music): Music gives me peace.. The ability to connect and dive into work.

CANVA: Canva gives me the ability to be free with my thoughts and create great marketing material for all projects.

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